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New Drawback Rates effective from 15th November notified


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NEW DELHI. The Central Government has revised All Industry Rates (AIRs) of Drawback vide Notification No. 131/2016-Customs (N.T.) dated 31.10.2016 which comes into force on 15.11.2016. Some of the changes are highlighted below


(a) AIRs have been provided to certain worked articles under chapters 45, 46 and 68; 


(b) Certain products, earlier with all customs AIRs, have been provided composite rates. These include rubber parts (for automobile or other machinery) of chapter 40 and children's picture, drawing/colouring books, etc. of chapter 49; 


(c) Changes in certain tariff items description have been made for dispute prevention or enhancing simplification. These relate, inter-alia, to packaged rice, rubber parts, certain leather items, leggings, frocks, bicycles, protective sports gear, etc;


(d) For better product differentiation, separate tariff lines have been provided by carving out from (or replacing) certain existing tariff items. These include surimi fish paste (chapter 16), belts (chapter 39), leather woven/braided hand-bag (chapter 42), hand-bags/wallets etc of plastic and/or textile material (chapter 42), wrist bands/tie-pins/necklaces made of leather (chapter 42), fishnets/sports nets made of different materials (chapter 56/95), kurta and salwar/salwar suits/salwar-kameez/churidar-kameez, with or without dupatta (chapter 61 and 62), blankets etc of blend containing cotton and MMF (chapter 63), glass artware/handicrafts with chatons (chapter 70), tube or pipe fittings of alloy/stainless steel (chapter 73), motor cars, based on four categories of engine capacity each with sub-categories of manual or automatic transmission (chapter 87), cycle frames made of aluminum (chapter 87), soft toys (chapter 95); 


(e) In the notes and conditions of the notification, the term article of leather in chapter 42 of the Drawback Schedule has been expanded to include any article wherein 60% or more of the outer and inner surface area taken together is of leather. This is in the light of newer design and commercial practices;


(f) Residuary rate (customs) provided to items across various chapters has been reduced from 1.9% to 1.5% and from 1.4% to 1.1%. 


2. The notification also specifies the alternative AIRs on garment exports made against the Special Advance Authorization (para 4.04A of FTP 2015-20) in discharge of export obligations in terms of Notification No. 45/2016Customs dated 13.8.2016. The procedure in Circular No. 37/2016-Customs is to be applied. 


4. In connection with export of packaged rice it is clarified that where master packs made of any material contain rice packaged in material and pack size of the type specified in the tariff line, the drawback rate eligible is the drawback rate of the pack size; and where smaller packs made of packaging material other than that described in the tariff line are packed in larger master packs made of the material specified in the tariff line, the drawback rate eligible shall be the drawback rate appropriate to the size of the master pack. 


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