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Service Tax becomes most juicy posting for Officers under CBEC


AIT News Network


NEW DELHI. 6th April 2016. Gone are the days when Customs Preventive and Excise Preventive used to be most sought after posting by Officers working under CBEC. The time has changed and after seeing the lifestyle of Officers posted in Service Tax Anti-Evasion Wing; it has become a dream of every Officer to get a posting in Service Tax.


A newly promoted Superintendent who used to drive a Mobike till he joined Service Tax; is now seen moving in a Fleet of chauffeur driven SUVs within a short span of his posting in Anti-Evasion Wing of Service Tax. The Officer claims himself to be a Daredevil in field and is an Expert in conducting Fake Searches which he claims are organized by his Additional Commissioner. According to parties; after conducting fake searches; the records of the parties are taken away without giving a receipt and the records are not even kept in Service Tax Office but are dumped in a private Godown with intention to blackmail the parties. Some parties have also complained to Chief Commissioner of Service Tax against the Officer but it is learnt that the complaints have  also been managed by the Officer who claims to be having full setting with his seniors.


A Posting in Service Tax Anti-Evasion is so lucrative that there are many Officers who  have managed to continue at same place for almost 6 years. For an eyewash; they take a transfer for an year to some other formation but come back to service tax within one year as giving a break is a right strategy so that eye brows are not raised on their postings.


An Inspector who is known as Extortion Specialist was posted in Service Tax Anti-Evasion Branch for 4 years after which he went on deputation to DGCEI and when he came back from deputation on promotion as Superintendent; he again managed to get a posting in Anti-Evasion Branch of Service Tax.


A Superintendent who claims himself to be brother of an Additional Commissioner is happily working in Service Tax for last 6 years and to give a break he went out for one year and again came back to service tax.


But the Officers who are managing postings are not the real culprits; it is the Senior Officers who are giving postings are real culprits and they need to be identified and shunted out for pampering their juniors as they have nexus with corrupt officers. 


If Member (Service-Tax) of CBEC who is known for his high integrity; calls for history of posting of some Officers posted in Service tax; it will open a pandora’s box. 


Not only for Inspectors and Superintendents; but also for DC and Additional Commissioners; the service tax is the most sought after posting if they also get charge of the Anti-Evasion Wing. Many Senior Officers are already in que and lobbying for a posting in service tax but those who are already posted in service tax are more influential and confident of continuing in service tax as they command much more resources than their counter parts who are sitting on sidelines.


But whether incumbents will be successful in lobbying for their continuation; only coming days will tell as the Top Brass of CBEC is a tough nut to crack for corrupt officers. It can also be an end of the road for Officers who know how to manage the postings through their connections.


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