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5 Customs Officers arrested by CBI for taking bribes after a massive raid


AIT News Network


BANGALORE. In a late evening Operation; the ACB (Anti-Corruption Branch) of CBI conducted a massive raid in Customs Office of the Import Cargo at the Kempegowda International Airport and arrested five Superintendents of Customs Department for allegedly taking bribe for clearing import consignments. The CBI sleuths also arrested three touts cum middleman. The accused have been remanded to custody after rejection of their bail by the Court.


CBI is already keeping a close watch on several Service Tax, Excise & Customs Officers and many more operations are expected shortly as nothing has changed at field level in spite of directions of the Prime Minister to take action in cases of complaints against the corrupt officers. It is learnt that many parties have already complained to CBI that no action was taken against corrupt officers even after they complained to their bosses as corrupt officers have full setting with their Officers who are shielding them. The Bosses of corrupt Officers who are allegedly in league with them will also face the heat in coming days for shielding them.


Finance Ministry is already slated to take a serious action against Officers indulging in illegal activities. A list of 100-odd High Profile Officers of Customs, Excise, Service Tax & Income Tax Departments has already been prepared and they are all set to be sacked under the provisions of 56J. The list includes several Big Fish of the rank of Commissioner and Additional Commissioner; many of whom have nexus with Politicians and have been managing sensitive postings through their connection.


Feelings expressed by an officer who was in the court when Officers were produced


It was a sad day! It was a bad day


After a torturous 6-7 hour wait the officers were produced before the Sessions Judge. The advocate had come prepared with everything for seeking bail. The families and friends of the officers were in continuous prayers. The tension was palpable. The judge took up the case read a few things and dictated a few lines to the typist.




It was a pathetic scene. I could hear sobs from the near and dear ones. I could see frustration and anger amongst friends and colleagues but none could do anything. Officers who had never ever entered a police station in all their life were being taken away


We got selected to this job on merrit n by selection after clearance by police verufication n also simply because we were real good! Yes, we still are the best! The best of the best! Yet we do not know that! That's what makes us all stupid!


We were young and some of us are still young n innocent. But most of us have never grown up. We still pursue mundane things like we cannot live without it.


We are in constant pursuit of happiness which we try to buy through the currency of money. Be sure, damn sure it is a waste of time or if you like it this way, a waste of money! Happiness is found in the simplest of things in life.


Money can not buy most of your requirements. You can buy a face cream but not beauty, you can buy medicines but not good health, you can buy a bed but not sleep, you can buy a phone but not a good conversation, you can even buy sex but not a lover. Yet, we are in that mad race to out beat the other, not any other, but our own colleagues at work just trying hard to outsmart him or her for that extra buck! This is what puts us into that vicious cycle. We clamour for better postings. We offer our necks at the gullitone and promise to do impossible tasks for a ' good posting' , we make ' buckets' of ourselves, we go to any immoral lengths to please the bosses for that elusive EXTRA BUCK! In the end we only end up selling our souls to the devil!


All we have to do is not seek those postings. Just let go of that craving. Lets keep ourselves composed. Be happy with any posting but be more happy with your colleague's postings . You will realize you don't have to do all those odd things. You don't have to please your bosses. You will realize how much the bosses are dependent on you. There will be no pressure from then on. The suction at the top disappears because there is nobody feeding it anymore. Things will automatically settle down !


Say no to the risks you take in the course of your work! The payscales are a lot better now ! Families elsewhere are having family budgets that are a fraction of ours and still living happily.


There is an image about you in society, let that not come crashing down bringing disrespect to yourselves and your families! Let us forget the past and focus on a better future. We may have been different earlier but let bygones be bygones! The seventh pay commission is further going to boost your salaries, believe me you will have enough! More than enough!!   


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