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Lobbying starts for CBDT & CBEC Chairmenís Selection

AIT News Network.

NEW DELHI. Though Chairman of CBEC V. Sridhar is set to retire in November 2010 and the Chairman of CBDT SSN Moorthy is to retire in December 2010; aggressive lobbying has already started in favour of Candidates as the lobbyists do not want to take a chance.

The Rules require that only those Candidates who are below 59 years on the date of becoming Chairman are eligible to be considered and thus only those having at least one yearís service are eligible to be appointed Chairman; but those having less than one yearís service have also thrown their hats and are eyeing the powerful post of Chairman of the Board through hectic lobbying.

A competent Member of the Board who was under consideration by the Government for being elevated to the Post of Chairman; has almost spoiled his prospects by aggressive lobbying through his Journalist friend which has annoyed the Government and his Journalist friend has also been identified.

The minimum tenure of one year for Chairmanís post was fixed as those becoming Chairman were retiring after one or two months as the seniority in IRS used to be main criteria for selection to the posts of Chairman and Members. Even one yearís tenure is considered short for Chairmanís position as the incumbents are more interested in looking for post-retirement accomodation and proper furnishing of the accomodation where they would be moving after vacating Government accomodation. It would be wiser for the Government to make a minimum 2 years tenure for Chairman of CBDT and CBEC and minimum 5 years tenure for Members of CBDT and CBEC as lot of time is consumed in the selection exercise of Members and Chairman. The selection committee for Members could not select the candidates in its last meeting as many candidates who were not shortlisted represented against being left out. Now the Committee will again be meeting on 28th for which several Chief Commissioners have already landed in Delhi for help from lobbyists.

Many Members have superseded several Chief Commissioners while becoming Member as their seniors did not have required mandatory service left and now their seniors are working under them. Now these Members are whispering as to how they will work under their Junior if a Junior is made Chairman? When a Junior Chief Commissioner can become a Board Member; why canít a Junior Member of the Board become Chairman?

There is too much of politics in CBDT and CBEC as the stakes are high not only for the Officers but also for the Journalists.

It is high time the Government should give a stability to both the Boards; CBDT and CBEC; by making maximum age limit of 55 year for the post of Members and 58 year for the post of Chairman. Besides competency and integrity should be other benchmarks for selection.It will also stop hectic lobbying throughout the year as the Chairman and Members are retiring every few months and for every one post there are a dozen candidates. Many Candidates instead of clearing files lying on their table are busy in planning strategy on ďhow to become Chairman or MemberĒ with their strategist friends who are not only assured of free lunch and dinner in present but also other perks in future if their candidate gets selected as they can claim credit for it even if candidate is selected on merit.

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